Monday, May 5, 2008

Bite that halal Nandos in Vaughn

Nandos chicken is the bite you can’t resist. Habeeb Alli

Out with the family or just hanging out with friends but you really want a yummy quick bite yet it must be in an exquisite setting and it has to be halal. Well look no further. Nandos is here to your rescue. Where? Not a better joint than buzzing high end Vaughan? Nandos is originally a marriage of Portuguese and South African recipes and specifically a rich entertainment of spicy grilled chicken marinated with the Cape's best ingredients and done by some Toronto's super chefs. A walk into this newly established chicken joint transforms you into a hype world of aroma, art, ambience and cozy wooden furniture that is neither Victorian nor African. It's modern and relaxing yet celebrates culture and youth in an intricate mix of Nando's spices and Nando's halal right cut pieces. Be it a family combo or a single bite, be it catering for the office lunch or a fundraising dinner Nabeel, Naeem and Mohmmad have it all figured out at unbeatable prices. I know you will say well chicken is chicken and halal fast foods are aplenty elsewhere but not this type, Bro! As for Halal the company has a certificate and is willing to give you the free grand tour, any time! Talk about juicy Flame Grilled Chicken, Kebabs, Wings & Sandwiches marinated in their slow over night process of spices and the smiles of great hospitality just at the intersection of Highway 7 and Weston, 7887 Weston Road. Talking is not eating! 905 850 9599

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