Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thoughts on VALENTINE

What amazes me is people who feel they have a franchise over religion quickly leaps on the fatwa bandwagon of condemning anything seemingly Western, regardless if that original history still abides in people's psyche or not. Hajj has had Arab pagan incursions but is quite embraced because Islam restored its purity by modifying it to suit. Why can't that be an example, knowing it's harder to make something allowed and rather maintaining its mubahat than granting it the hot handle of prohibition and hell blazing tiltes. Anyways, I can't contest this cultural lash out as only those who live away from the ghettoes of immigation on the lawns of Western socoieties may be able to avoid tunnel visions.

Where are the thinkers? Yes, Valentine may have origins on whatever Greek myth and Christian reformist doctrines but the question always is: Does Islam allow, pronmote and nurtur Love or not? Yes, this may be a business ploy for globalisation but again the question is can people trade and use and gain from these love exploits? By the way Sunday also has pagan origins and so many other holidays but Muslims still trade on these days, enjoy a day off and accept charities from those businessmen! The World is least concern about the hidden textual debates archaic traditions murmur from their pulpits- they want concrete time tested solutions to their challenges and modern evolving lifestyels.

They want guidance as a Westerner in interacting with a Muslim and a Muslim wants sensible guidance while living in the West. Lashing out will not help. It has never. Sera taught us that the man who loved is a shahid and the girl who disliked her partner was given the right to divorce. Can we start thinking of helping mend hearts and opening avenues of dialogue rather than throwing love in the Fire of harams and bidahs and castigating Islam as the religion of the hateful?!

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