Thursday, September 16, 2010


Toronto hosts Interfaith conference on Promised Mahdi

Its summer and who wants to be indoors? Well how about attending a conference outdoors?
The organisers of this remarkable event, Ahl Bayt, Mr Ghulam Sajad, thought just that and planned the conference outdoor the Metro Hall at 55 John St under a huge tent. The topic was what do the various religions say about Imam Mahdi.
The organisers listed perspectives from the Zoroastrian, Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Sunni and Shia communities and in so doing was able to demonstrate the common theme of Hope in a Saviour among humanity. Sh Habeeb in his presentation reminded all that hope is ingrained within us as we seek for the next iPhone or call for the dream job and hence when humanity waited for the Messiah during Pharaoh’s oppression Moses appeared and during the Pharisees Jesus came and during the Aus and Khazraj Muhammad was sent so today that Future leader will appear in order to establish justice but he will have to be multicultural, inclusive, educated, tech- savvy and of course speak Arabic and be of the house of Muhammad, on whom be peace!

Scarborough missions hosts film- Allah and God need to talk!

Ask for an oxymoron and you have one just here! Well that’s what inspired film maker Ruth Broyde Sharon to make this interesting film that broadcasts Jews and Muslims celebrating Ashura, Rosh Hanna and with Christians during a Sunday Service.

She actually saw a billboard advertising this silly statement and when she finally got in touch with the owner in Hollywood his context was Muslims and Jews after 911 need to talk. Of course we know in Abrahamic Faiths that God and Allah is One and the Same. However this session aimed to make humanity, few Muslims and Jews, who were in attendance that night at Scarborough Mission but with father Terry warmth the audience soon realised that they had to do something to make a difference in the world. Ruth actually challenged all present to take up a project of interfaith and reminded all that a little finger raised according to physicists affects the entire universe. Habeeb was fortunate to attend and being the only Muslim present extended invitation to all to attend the Mosque- many of whom never went to a mosque. They were happy for this. You have to be there- the right place at the right time! The Interfaith Minister Leslie riveted the audience with Rumi and his songs of love!

Ramadan and Summer- Just have to love it!

Ramadan buzz is here and so too is the heat of summer 2010! As Canadians we wait all year long for this heat to warm up the bones, attend weddings and being outdoorsy! After thirty years almost the lunar month of Ramadan arrives in the summer of Canada and the thought of long hours of fasting without thirst quenching cold ones startles us.

In Edmonton that will not be 15 hours but 18 hours!

Isn’t it time to consider Canada an abnormal zone and take the standard from the nearby normal zone? Just a thought for the Muslim Scholars!

The Quran reminds us under the passage of fasting that Allah wishes ease and not hardship. The many concessions of fasting including health, travel, hard labour etc should remind one that Allah is not in need of the actual physical sacrifice but the sincerity and dedication behind any devotion. So warm up the barbeque and make your Iftar a true Ramadan Summer, drink lots of fluids outside fasting hours and get into a sleep schedule knowing how late taraweeh will be and let those lectures after taraweeh be rescheduled or reduced so the wonders of Ramadan is not loss in the haze of rituals and speeches. And while we’re at it, remember the unfortunate victims in the flood hit areas of Pakistan presently or wherever they maybe among the one billion humans who live below a dollar a day.

The Prophet, on whom be peace, said: If a person does not avoid false talk and false conduct during Fasting, then Allah does not care if he abstains from food and drink. Bukhari.

Ramadan is excitement and with the Canadian born generation we have to make it exciting so they too may have stories for their children to come!

Happy Ramadan!

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