Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Golden rule day April 5th

Today is recognised as the Golden Rule day. Every day is the Golden Rule day. The way the universe works is simply Golden Rule by act and virtue.

However precious this is to me it is to you- that we live by the fact, without reference to one hundred alternative religious and philosophical Golden Rule statements: - that I will do unto others what I would love others to do to me.

So congrats to Mussie Hailu! He pioneered the Golden Rule poster in Ethiopia with Scarborough Missions and has ever since made it global.

It's a shame that world leaders need this reminder but hardly children. Have you seen how much fun children and seniors could be- just innocent laughter; they may hurt each other yet quickly say sorry and move on; because it’s just fun-filled living!

Be and let others be! The Ghandhian rule is live and let others or the traffic rules of give way safely so others may drive safely or political integrity requires giving credence to the action based profile and not the character-attack loud-speak:- all contribute to this rich mosaic of living the art of not hurting others.

The famous Rabbi who announced his faith in the sound bite of not harming others and the rest is commentary so study it, is as good as the elevator ride message of the Imam who announces Islam is living peacefully not living in pieces and folly!

So with the environment live so others may live and with love make it the best and not fight over silly things and with world religions blasphemy of one is desecration of all and with geopolitics supporting tyranny is allowing your own to be oppressed. The list goes on! Mother Nature always has the golden rule as number one! So when disasters strike it’s not God’s wrath and human sin clashing but nature of things- just as you would not liked to be judged in such a situation think the same for the victims of nature’s unfortunate victims. When you retaliate with human lives and burning of your own scriptures you violate the Golden rule of Islam- Do not blaspheme the religions of others because of their attack on yours. Quran 6:108

What you like on Facebook or what you enjoy on the telephone must carry that intrinsic element that that the other side of the world may happily enjoy and if they chose not to, that too is their right- the reciprocal right not to be offended because in the end there is no police to the heart and no judge to the mind and no priest to the words nor jury to our actions but you and your God! No one goes to the grave with you!

As one would say what would be would be and yet the power of now is usually robbed by the instinct to control and be in control some how. The Golden Rule for that would be- do you like to be controlled so why fight to control others? Do you want to enjoy life? So how about love for your self what you love for your brothers!

I remember, working with the accomplished Peace Activist Tina Petrova on the The Golden Rule movie, and having promoted her Rumi-Turning-Ecstatic movie before, saying that it’s the passion to make others feel belonged that is more important that trying to show how superior your faith is.

For me, that is the most powerful rule of living and Islam stands for making you feel ‘You’!

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