Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love in Islam

Love and Islam
Two words
one meaning
Not to war but give willing

But too bad
Many believe Islam
Is violence
To kiss with flowers haram

Too bad
The media tells us tales
Where women suffer
As kitchen brides or honor killing slaves

But my dearest
Love is what makes
The honey sweet
The birds sing

It's the absence of love
That put Satan forever
in hellish kiln

With love the bamboo becomes
a harp
With love angels
Convert warriors like chocolate tart
And the frog becomes the prince, not a you tube star

When a kiss is sent
When awink is given
And a hand is held
Allah's grace joins those hearts without fear of loss

Like for many, a journey starts
No one choses the partner in thought
It happens, everyone has a story
But not everyone gets to finish together in glory

So trust in happiness
Over look the falws, know Allah alone is perfect
Praise her beauty and understand his ways
Love will your thirst quench to live another day.

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