Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tribute to Ustad Bagh Khan

U- You

Ustad you're gone but not away
You rsmiles are here
Your rememberance is just felt everywhere
Your legacy without end.

Half a century and more
From Leguan to Stabroek
From Queenstown to Imdadul
The love of Rasoolollah you emphasized.

Healthy and young
I would ask you your secret
And that Heavenly smile replies
Allah and Love of His Prophet

So I mourn not your lost
I think you deserve O Teacher of Scholars
A standing ovation, for you're my hero
And must be given a celebratory send off

Simplified Arabic
Thoughtful pondering
On the words of the Quran
Never mind the differences

Respect you constantly taught
That's the legacy
By which the globe will remember you by
Ustad, the man of the heart!

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