Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I went to an awesome ballet last night

Where Chinese performers

Dexterously charade to the tune

Of a forlorn love story

In beautiful paces

Standing on toes

They enthralled the crowd

With passionate expressions

What love could be

What trials it brings

On those laces of flawless execution

The stage was mesmerizing

With 3d snowflakes and fall leaves

The prince eventually marries the girl!

After 20 years of scenic life stories

The music serenades all

Soothing Chinese ballads

A spa for the soul

Tears flow quietly

Such is the life of romance

It comes and with it some guests

With tiny gifts only the dreamers could see!

Return of a snowy night

At Sony

Is a deeper resonance

Of each lovers' tale carries inner beauty

Smoothly breathtaking

It leaves you wanting more!

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