Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tribute to My Aunt Leila- in Guyana who passed awayand was buried on Dec 18 2011

What a season!
You were chosen to end the pain
Among flowers and joy
You surrendered your last smile

A mother of ultimate sacrifice
A wife of unconditional love
A sister of sincere advice
My auntie Leila is endless affection, she 's nice!

At lost in the sea of life
Against life's maze of battling waves
You stood stronger than Jonah
Keeping the sail of values straight to shore!

Now that you've gone beyond
Lighting heaven, behind the proverbial blackout
The angels will salam you
Here comes the moonlight, laughing all the way

Who will listen to my rantings?
Who will laugh to my calls?
Who will act as my mother?
And keep my word when I fall?

I salute you oh woman of worth!
Nevermind your weakness
You one night never slept
Guarding your three angels against vicious eyes

A mother, a father, a soldier in one
This unsung hero, this best grandmother ever
A mother Mary of another
More gracious than Kaieteur your love for all

And when it's over
They will say where went Sandy?
The one whose coupe and curry
Made you feel royal, felt deeply loved, eh?

I love you and will always miss you!

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