Friday, December 21, 2007

NAMF Gala Dinner and Awards 2007- an occasion to celebrate and remember!

Enjoying a sumptuous full-served dinner in an elegant banquet in between nasheeds, comedy and speeches was how almost two hundred Ontarians chose to spend this last Sunday evening, Dec 9th 2007, at NAMF 6th Annual dinner in Scarborough.

The highlight of the evening was listening rapturously to no other than the eloquent Hon Jim Karigiannis relating in picture and words his recent trip to cyclone-hit Bangladesh. Our passionate MP invoked the need to have NGO's like NAMF recognised through 'matching funds". Mr. Farouq Khan, Executive Director, expounded, from his power point presentation, some of the achievements during this past year, clearly the Bangladesh flood taking an upper hand.

So when the fundraising time came around attendees generously poured their hearts. People also donated for digging wells in Kenya, as well as sponsoring orphans around the world. Debra Worthman from the Presbyterian church emphasised she wanted to sponsor a girl from India! The true dynamics of giving is without borders, as you can see. One of our true supporters and excited attendee, Bibi Raqeeya Mohamed, retorted, "that she had an enjoyable time with her family, especially the comedy by famous American Aman Ali. She was happy that NAMF actually had a musical nasheed group entertaining the early birds."

In attendance were Alim Ali from DawaRadio and his boys, including Waleed, Inshan, and Faizal Baig. Two important leaders were recognised that winter night. Asma Warsi, Editor for this-twenty-long-years Ambition newspaper, was awarded NAMF Award for outstanding females in journalism. Dr David Liepert, Professor in Calgary, who flew in pro bono all the way from the West, was awarded for his Interfaith work. He had earlier presented on the diversity paradigm Islam offers especially vis a vis the Hajj experience. That speech had all stunned, impressed and awed. Annie Feunich said to me, "he sounds so calm and Canadian"!

Guests were treated to a mouth-watering desert while the President, Mr. Sheharyar Shaik, moved the vote of thanks, not before reminding us of the virtue of charity. Imam AbdulHai Patel, an earlier recipient of NAMF Award, reminded all about the work of the Toronto Police and the upcoming workshop against domestic violence at IMO, Dec 16th.

Your hosts that evening, which was filled with flurries and warm embraces, were Nikhat Rasheed of Faith of Life Network and Habeeb Alli of Canadian Council of Imams. Special thanks to all those families and organisations who made this a truly blessed event and to the staff at NAMF for putting hours on those flowers!

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