Sunday, January 6, 2008

Muslims make present to homeless shelter

Christmas Eve some Muslim volunteers at the North American Muslim Foundation presented a reasonable amount of meat, halal or Islamically slaughtered animal to the Yonge Street Mission. This initiative is in keeping with the Eid ul Aza tradition of sharing the meat to the needy.

It also comes as a timely gift for the homeless, who frequent this downtown shelter seeking proper food. Barbara Walkden, Director of Development at the 102-years-old Mission said many Muslim families depend upon their food bank in Regent Park.

Mohamed Baksh far left, with Habeeb Alli on left from the Muslim Community delivering Qurbani to Alvin, Head Chef inset, and Barbara Walkden right, from Yonge Street Mission.

Mr. Habeeb Alli, Coordinator of NAMF mentioned that, “I was reading the morning papers and noticed the lanky old man’s face on the Yonge Mission ad. It was asking for Christmas gifts. I starred at it and thought I could help through our Qurbani or EidulAza meat distribution. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift too. To my surprise when I called the number and spoke to Ann she said, ‘we receive many requests for halal meat from our visitors’.”

This beef and lamb is hygienic and is donated through kind members of the community who, once financially capable, are obligated to perform this charity every year.

The Foundation, which does relief work around the world, hopes that this local initiative will grow into something bigger and wider each year. As matter of fact there is always a need for Halal meat down at these shelters and food banks, if you are thinking of it.

We wish everyone the best and hope that this simple token goes a far way in bridging the path to love and spirituality- the legacy of Abraham and all other Prophets.

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