Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ambitious forum on domestic violence held in Toronto Isn't this an oxymoron- Muslims and domestic violence? But in answer to the seminar held at Dawah Centre on March 22nd this is no longer a myth to leave in denial but a fact of the Muslim communities. Talking about this reality was Sargeant Ruby Dhutt, who has been on duty in the South Asian community in GTA, for years, dealing with this life threatening yet culturally sensitive issue. She ably explained the procedures and laws in dealing with abused women and men, while showing that the fear of losing dignity and face can lead to worse case scenarios.

AbdulHai Pate, honorary doctorate recipient in Islamic service, candidly outlined the Islamic stand on this tragic development and condemned anyone using religion to beat their wives and illtreat their children. Shabbir Ally, the Mosque President, did a wonderful job in moderating the session, which saw a reasonable turnout of both concerned women and men as well as social workers in the diverse community.Habeeb Alli, the Canadian Council of Imams secretary and executive of JamiatulUama Canada, the two hosts, at the end joined the panelists in a workshop that dealth with live examples. He showed how the Quran doesn't uphold beating of women from oft misquoted verse and how the daily usage of language derides the better halves of men. More of these are definitely needed and too book one contact this newspaper or our website- www.canadiancouncilofimams.com

Islamic School principals invited to unite.

Teaching has always been referred to as the thankless profession and being the Principal of an Islamic school definitely will be worse. However, we cannot, as a growing community, making headlines regularly in Canada, miss the opportunity to say thank you to our tireless leaders in this important service of Islam. Last Saturday some forty odd school heads, males and females, were invited by the North American Muslim foundation to a luncheon in recognition of their wonderful work. It was meant to be a social networking and get to know event. While the busy schedules and far distance of some schools in Ontario doesn't allow this yet the response is this should be happening every month. Dialogue is to understaning what blood is to the body. When we stop talking we stop honoring. This effort should be such that a resource centre is set up, as in the US, where Islamic schools may share in resources and learn from meach other. Coming to each other's help and promoting each other without fearof loosing their flock is key to our survival.

Brampton Islamic Centre held their annual dinner

Tucked into the corner of Mclughlin and Lowry, Brampton, is this corporate looking edifice with a distinct looks of a modern Church. A closer look and entry into this beautiful complex reveals a fully operaing mosque, school, gym, food bank, social service and comfort zone. This is how the muddy mosque of Median was in the Prophetic era- minus the heating and carpets! It was almost a one stop shop for vital services and deep spiritual haven. Brampton Islamic Centre, commonly known as Haji Hayat Suunatul, recently celebrated their fourth anniversary with a sumptuous gala dinner. The lay out in the main hall was simply banquetish and more in an ambience of colorful dressed Muslims and plenty happy chatter. Shabbir Ally, as the guest speaker, spoke eloquently on the role of the family and some of the modern challenges. The mosque is expected to provide ahuge and integral help in maing it work as a success story. Habeeb Alli performed the indomitable task of fundrasing for the new ablution/wudu area and functioning health approved kitchen. The current official Imam hails from Barbados and studied in UK and India. He said that he's very grateful for all the attendees and volunteers and hoped from this dinner many will feel committed to further the cause of this mosque which is to make us better Muslims and Canadians.
See bsia.ca for more.

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