Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aunti Ameena happy bday!

Sister, Mom, Girl, Aji,Granny
Younger than Elizabeth Taylor
You cross life rivers
Not only Little Biaboo
But Niagara and Florida Keyes
With burdens like Mount Everest

Yet these shouldersStand tall
With grace, beauty and Faith
You enjoy the goodies
Long after he left you alone
Smiling on every encounter
You sing, cry and pray

In the world of your retired moments
Between countries and kids
When this day arrives
And wishes pour from hearts and flowers
Know it's not the ones not here
And the things that should have
But love and belonging

Is what makes us care
This is one Radika
That planted her trees
In cement and affection
That today their fruits
Are like California strawberries

While you are held in angels wings
Your sixty plus milestone
Is a blessing no gift card can fulfill!
And all your children are very much yours!

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