Friday, August 7, 2009

another youth dead

It is with deepest sadness and sincere introspection that I seek to key these few lines concerning the recent tragedy on the East Bank road- snuffing the lives of three able young men of our dear soil. While the reports of the three dailies are yet to reconcile the real truth and the courts are still investigating the actual accident, I must say that such incidents have not been rare in Guyana when it comes to road tragedy.

I remember participating many years ago in the opening the the Mahaica-Georgetown highway and in leading the prayers mentioned 'safety from carnage'. Today I have to mourn the victims, the same being my cousins' son- Asheki. All these youths are the tomorrow of our coveted nation and more must be done to educate, protect and remind our road users that each life is as important as theirs and the taking of one life is as taking that of the entire human race.

Asheki, and like the others, are deeply mourned by their loved ones as well as terribly angered by the events. Of course the survivor is also a victim of this traumatic experience and will need therapy. Asheki was another future pilot of Guyana, another budding sports enthusiast and another blossoming citizen heading for a bright 'legit' future. Events like these should have the interfaith community praying and talking, the parliamentarians legislating and the media personnel debating including the rich making pledges for establishing foundations in the name of such educated youths who did not live to see their dreams come through.

I pray for our brothers' Heavenly residence and endurance on behalf of their grieving loved ones. Quran says in 2:156 Those who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah/God We belong, and to Him is our return":- Yours sincerely,

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