Monday, March 8, 2010

The Holy Prophet's Golds!

Oh One Who taught us the Quran
The right to know truth
Without change or human error
Your divine Gold uncompeted

Oh One Who gave women their rights
To be alive, to marry, to inherit, to be
You covered the bare headed princess of Yemen
With your own shawl
What an everlasting Recipient of Gold you are!

Oh One Who made purification easy
When others in the past scissored the impure patches
You gave us washing and even tayammum
You made cleanliness is next to Godliness possible
What perfect Gold you scorred!

Oh One Who won followers of all Faiths
Listening to cries of remorse and guilt
You provided us direct Tauba, no third party needed
You showed even the worse of killers like Wahshi can be forgiven
Wow what infinite Gold you striked!

Oh One Who Cared about Tauheed, His Oneness
When Prophets and Saints are worshipped
You ensured your reverence is guarded
You denied even a picture of your handsomeness!
That's pure Gold, eh!

Oh One Who made strangers His family
When tribes and races killed and broke hearts
You gave Blacks, Browns and Whites the same podium
With you racism is hatred for Bilal,
There is no Gold like this ever!

Oh One Whose love sits in every heart
Your friends compliment you and your foes admire
Al-Amin is your name before Rasollulah
Love is your first name, oh Allah ka Habeeb!
Gold so golden, duh!

Oh One Who is buried in Medina
Our thoughts like Niagara flow to you forever
When will we meet?
Just a smile is enough for this tormented lover!
You're this world's lifetime achiever!

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