Monday, April 12, 2010

In Praise of Islam

Oh Allah!
What a day!
You brought colors
Like spring flowers
Glowing from the light

You lit the Heavens and Prophets white
Let the love flow
Hatred disappear
Like the Niagara inspires from so far

The water of love motivates good from bad
The candle sometimes doesn't withstand the winds
But another candle lights her
Khatija name magnified

Lighted by the lamp of her simple Kaba, the Dignified
The sacrifice of building Islam
The tears, sweat, and blood they are
Todays' cuisine so luxurious

Tasty, wholesome food for the soul for the curious
The hearts are warm
Canada is secured
But where is the Faith

What will be the Star of the next generation?
Like Don's, the new revert, silent tears
Rejected for his reversal of atheist tendency
Like the mother's hands spread in Tahajjud nightly prayers

Our spirit will not fade
For Love and only love will survive the storm
When we beleive Allah is the behind this Huge Complex!
Who else can do but Him, the Merciful?!


ihslimi said...

Wonderful! Masha Allah! Thanks for the beautiful words!

joven said...

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