Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wows for vows!

The day of vows
Finally here
Your journey amazing

You know how much it took
Your determination
Your virtue

Your trust in your values
Brought you the gift
You have made your mom proud

Your dad smiling
The sweetness of love
Is tasted in every item
The union of two hearts

Two families
And two cultures
The song of love
Sung by angels enjoyed by all

May your marriage be blessed
And children plentiful
May your respect be kind
And in your eyes

Find coolness all the time

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Sh Habeeb said...

Another son of the soil has excelled
Written by HABEEB ALLI
Thursday, 10 June 2010 03:47
Allow me to share an interesting event I recently was blessed to be part of.

It’s the tenth Guyana Awards of recognising excellence, held in multicultural Toronto.

Among the recipients were outstanding leaders, excelling businesses, super achieving scientists, accomplished students, superlative musicians and simply selfless serving volunteers.

Among the recipients is a person that resonates closely. He hails from my town of birth- the land of hope and icon of sacrifice- Enmore, ECD.

Dr Bram Rajiawan was selected among the many short listed for excellent academic pursuit in scientific research and health. He made the Enmoreans proud as much as the Guyanese and fellow Canadians. He actually joined with the many successful ancestors of this unique domain by giving hope to Guyana.

He said that in reminiscing his past he is mindful always of the motto at Enmore Hope Primary- with labour success. Now that’s not an easy feat. I mean the remembering part!
He also credits his early teachers! Now that’s definitely a humbling rarity.

Enmoreans in the Diaspora have been equally diligent in maintaining their cultural roots and if you are in Toronto that’s easier than if you are living like Dr. Bram in Winnipeg. He amazes me how a boy going to ‘refugee’ school can enter the snow white belt of upper echelons and receive some of the highest positions in his field and yet be ‘cool’ with his compatriots!
However, the final straw of recognition of greatness is one’s place of birth and I call upon Enmore council to set up a Wall of Fame in Enmore to inspire our generations about the great people Enmore produced, is producing and will produce.

I must take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the Enmore picnic and all their diverse activities during the year including fund raising for Haiti and Enmore itself. The place to check them is

The fact is when you take, you are nourishing your body, but when you give, you nourish your soul.

How about funding the poor students of Enmore Primary with bursaries to further their dreams? How about establishing some structural protection and aesthetics to the cemetery at Logwood- treatment of the dead is symbolic to treatment of living?

Talk half. Left Half.