Monday, December 15, 2008

dont beat kids!

I think beating children is haram and for learning Quran it's even more dumb- I think I maybe far from being a Qari because the trauma of entering tajweed clases still resonate withing my psyche- I saw boys tied and beaten and I was sickened so I tried hard to move out of that 'boot camp' only to feel further fear- until my freedom escape to Deoband! Gosh I remember those of daily phobia- was it to revere or was it to simply be scared to death?! Anyways people say don't air your dirty laundry but these ustads don't learn- after many workshops and meeting with the Toronto Police these metropolitan villagers are still murghing and pitaing our future sons and daughters of Islam- Ibn Taimiya has compiled 12 ahadith in his tarbiyatulawlad about how forbiden this practise is yet some asaatiza would say beating is barkat for learning- how much more dumb and khurafati can it get?

As a trustee of a Darulullom I have been able to ban beating and its like to any student but from time to time some teachers get mad and slap the kids- so we have done disciplinary alternative workshops- some things work like tellling the parents and some don't like writing lines and making extra nawafil or punishing the whole class! So for academic education the system spends millions studying child psychology but for divine education we depend upon the stick although it's absolutely non sunnah- it's domestic violence at its best rather those who say the hadith says beat the kids when they are 10 to pray are far from any fiqh of hadith- how can brutalisation and opening the doors of of making our children hate Islam be anything close to this insightful naseha. DARB also means pampering with love- I know one hafiz would get chocolates and money for doing his saback not a mouthful of venom and fistful of head bangs!

It's time madressaS sign a convention in the r locality that all madressas- at home or at mosque or wherever that beating will not be allowed, police check is a must for teachers and twice a year workshops are mandatory before renewal of contract-and parents must also sign unto this. Islamically we know that when thing sget out of hand then a zero tolerance policy is perfectly acceptable- like cutting down the tree of Ridwan by Umar bin Kattab. Also children must never be taught to hide this absue and not call 911 as this is purely miseducation- if their house is on fire or someone is dying or even they were being bullyied by another shouldn't they call 911?

Once I was at a UN forum on child absue and the reality of our madressas' homos suddenly dawned- experts are saying that beating a kid especially benching may lead to homosexual tendencies! Well we know for sure girls sexuallly abused at young age can become hoplessly promiscuous. Love, patience, objective structuring of the course and being an inspiration makes a good teacher and a hence a great student- it can be but do we want to let it happen? Some teachers have been charged for this crime and it's good to let others know of such a painful consequence.

Children are precious gifts: we make them but we don't make their minds!

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