Thursday, December 4, 2008

poem on Abraham's love

Abraham to God: Je souviens!
But have we forgotten?

So thus the fear
Every heart trembles at
Whose love will survive
the tsunamis of hurt?

In relinquishing a part of us
The trauma
Erases even the sunshine
Off the summer face

Did Abraham love God and no other?
Was the passion for a son, his only
plus belonging to Hagar
Burnt him like a candle in his Lord’s displeasure?

In trying to loose Ishamel
He was to prove his love was divine and unconditional
And it belongs elsewhere
And never these two mortals

But the Absolute knows it
and so today we relinquish
Only a few kilos of lamb, a donation, maybe online
Calling it the souvenir of Father Abraham.

Yours too
I’m sure is a story
Of where you loved and share
And your anxiety is never be the sacrificial lamb!

Willingness is such
That in being prepared to sacrifice
But fearful of the loss
God will grant both loves, on His behalf!

Habeeb Alli

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