Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ramadan poem

Ramadan: A lover’s tale

Lying on her back, she starved all day
When asked she cried “heart-broken”

From dawn to dusk, without food
Fasting yearning for Allah, she silently prays

The same song repeated, when questioned
She says it’s his favorite tune, so I just like it

Thirty nights sweetly the Book of Allah recited
When asked, the Hafiz says I can’t live without His words, dear

Working two jobs plus school, she saves every chocolate cent possible
When enquired about this queer thing, she says it’s for his dire finances

Sacrificing every sweet tooth, she gives in charity from hers and even asks others
When asked, the Zakah collector says ‘a loan for Allah’ is well repaid, my Beloved

No gossip or wild thoughts, she hates to loose him for a moment
To make him unique yet still so many others

Throughout the month she avoids distractions
When asked, the devotee of Ramadan says I’m saving my heart for Allah, my true desire!

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