Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Three Sons Lost to Guyana

Three Sons Lost to Guyana

Habeeb Alli

Three brothers in Islam gone within a month
What’s wrong?
Under the Throne’s shade not so far flung
Yet the tragic lost, the unfulfilled dreams and endless tears
Why this lonely song?

Three youths to taken down
Nasir drowned while in the Path
Yusuf on the road doing His work
Farooq gone, notwithstanding, a kind stork

The Prophet’s claim not mine
Death by sickness; by accident; by target all the same
Let not man judge who was high and who is low
For it’s the same below

One traveled the East for the love of knowledge
Another left orphans while he served others
The third a guy who gave and gave
Fate so incalculable; isn’t it Faith alone that goes in any grave?

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